MLD Class 2023-24

Today we had our Summer Tour to Squirrel Scramble. Despite the rainy and windy weather we had so much fun walking the course and going. up and down the different levels. 

Mario & Luigi!!!!
The ducklings had to stay in their incubator for 24hrs to fluff up. So today we were able to hold them, feed them and watch them run around. They are so tiny and fluffy, they got tired so quickly. We put them back in their box with hot water bottles under the towel to keep them nice and cosy. 
Sunflower Seedling Update...
Today we sowed some Sunflower seeds. We put some soil into pots, poked a hole that measured 2cm's and popped the seed into the whole covering it with some more soil. 
We hope to have little visitors in a couple of weeks....
Our Easter Class Party! 
Today we made Chocolate Christmas Trees. We used white chocolate and green food dye to create the branches of the tree. We then used a pretzel stick for the trunk of the tree and sprinkles for the baubles. 
Today we took a stroll to our local Post Office in Churchtown. We bought some Christmas Stamps to put on our envelopes to be able to send out Christmas Cards home. 
As part of Maths week, we played the Maths Buzz Game. It was a lot of fun, Maths sums were called out and we had to work as a team to find the answer to get points. 
Science Week Steam Academy Talk
Today was our Halloween Dress Up Day. We had a Halloween Disco in the Hall with Ms Johnsons class which was so much fun. We had a Halloween Party in class and watched a Spooky Halloween Movie for golden time. We also made Pumpkin Rice Krispie Cakes too. 
Squirrel Scramble!!

Our beautiful sweet-pea and sunflowers...we are proud 
Active Week / Wellbeing Week: 
As part of our wellbeing week we de-weeded our flower bed and planted our sunflowers that have sprouted so much so they can grow even taller. We even had to tie our sweet-pea to the posts because they grown so tall and so strong too
We would like to welcome Mario and Luigi to the world. They hatched on Tuesday (14th May) and we adore them so much already. 
We are learning all about the Solar System and the different Planets. We are so proud of our Galaxy Astronauts and our Planet Posters which are jam packed with information about all the different Planets. 
We are super proud of our Christmas Art!! 
Today we made pizzas, they were so tasty. We used ready made bases, added grated mozzarella cheese and added either pepperoni or ham. 
Science Week: This week was a lot of fun, the hall was set up with different Science Stations. We rotated around the different Stations that consisted of, magnets, building a boat out of foil, body parts / skeletons and many more. 
On our Sponsored Walk today we braved the rainy weather and walked around Loretto Park. We saw many houses decorated for Halloween, there were many spooky looking houses. We found a fairy door on one of the trees on our walk and even the fairy door was decorated for Halloween. 
Our Sunflowers that we grew from seedlings did a lot of growing over the Summer months. Our tallest sunflower grew to at least 7ft.