Active Flag 2018

Welcome to the Good Shepherd National School’s Active Blog!

Here you can find photos and posts from all of the different activities we get up to, from dance and gymnastics to athletics and soccer!

We are very proud of our Active flag.
What is an Active School?

The Active School Flag (ASF) is awarded to schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community. The process aims to get more schools, more active, more often.
Active School Flag Get Active
Active School Week for the Good Shepherd is June 4th to 8th 2018

The Department of Education and Skills and Healthy Ireland encourage ALL schools to organise an Active School Week (ASW) as part of their annual school calendar.

The ASW initiative is about providing FUN and INCLUSIVE physical activity opportunities for ALL members of the school community. It allows schools to reinforce the message that not only is physical activity good for you but it also very enjoyable. It provides schools with an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about the physical activity opportunities that are available in their locality and to work collaboratively with students, parents and members of the community.

Popular Activities include whole school dance, yoga, belly dancing, tennis, basketball, fundamental movements, obstacle courses, run and walk a mile with a smile, skipathon, mindfulness, tournaments, active art competitions, maths trails, hikes, drop everything and dance.