The Good Shepherd National School is a co-educational national school in the parish of Churchtown. When Our Lady of Loreto Girls N.S. Loreto Avenue and De La Salle Boys N.S. Whitehall Road Churchtown announced their closures at the end of 1988, Canon FitzSimons our former Chairperson, Parish Priest and friend fought a long battle to retain a Catholic school in Churchtown Parish. The result was the opening of a new amalgamated co-educational school on the 1st September 1989 – The Good Shepherd National School which had at the time a staff of 12 teachers.

When he retired as parish priest in 1999 he continued as Chairperson of the Good Shepherd N.S. Board of Management for five more years until he was 80 years of age! Canon FitzSimons was so proud of the many great achievements of the school down through the years, academic, musical, sporting and artistic and he read our newsletters with great interest right up until the week before his death. He is sadly missed but he has left an enduring legacy in the happy, nurturing, and inclusive ethos of Good Shepherd N.S. and the accomplishments of our past and present pupils in so many fields.

In the intervening years, our school has gone from strength to strength ensuring a quality education for all pupils. As outlined in our Mission Statement the Good Shepherd National School is a Catholic primary school which welcomes all religions and nationalities. We encourage the uniqueness of each child and aim to ensure the physical, emotional, moral and spiritual well being of all pupils.

“Mól an óige agus tiocfaidh sí “