6th Class

The Good Shepherd N.S.6th Class Booklist 2024/2025
Books, Workbooks & Copies will be purchased by the school

Please ensure you purchase the following for your child 

 School Bag

Lunch box             (labelled with child’s name)

Water Bottle         (labelled with child’s name)

Pencil Case            (labelled with child’s name)

1 x A4 Display book folder (40pg)

2 x Document wallets

1 x Calculator (Scientific calculator can be kept for Secondary School)

2 x A4 Refill page (160pg)

1 x Geometry/Maths set (Compass, Protractor) 

1 x Scissors                                                                

3 x Pritt Stick                                                             

1 x Twistable Crayola

1 x 30 cm Ruler                                                                      

3 x Pencils,                                                                            

2 x Red, 2 x Blue, 2 x Black pen

2 x Berol Pen             

1 x Sharpener & Eraser