4th Class 2023-24

This month we have been receiving Gymnastics lessons from our professional coach. We are learning all about fundamental movement skills such as balancing, rolling and coordination. We are really enjoying ourselves, as the pictures show!
Maths Week Fun! 
As part of Maths Week 2023, we used Izac9 Cubes today for a fun, interactive lesson. Using online videos the children had a number of tasks to complete. Group leaders were assigned for each task, but the children had to work together to solve the tasks, and teamwork was very important! The children had great fun while also learning some new Maths facts.
As part of Maths Week 2023, we used an app called tinkercad to create a design that can be printed on our new 3D printer! We were able to choose from a variety of menus to drop in objects and create a model.  We can't wait to see who is chosen!
Today we went our sponsored walk. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side so we had to improvise the route to avoid the heavy rain. We managed a lengthy walk before the worst of the rain hit, and the children enjoyed hearing the beeps from the passing motorists in support of their endeavours! A big 'Thank You' to all who donated to the school to ensure we can provide the best education possible for your child!
Here is a sample of some of our artwork from this half-term, including our recent Hallowe'en art. Enjoy!
Happy Hallowe'en!
For the next 5 weeks, 4th Class will be taking part in Public Speaking programme. The aim is to teach the children the skills and techniques required to feel confident when speaking in front of a group of people. This is done through fun methods such as games and groupwork, with an initial focus on breathing techniques, building up to speaking and confidence skills. We are really enjoying these workshops!
For the next 5 weeks, 4th Class will be taking part in Public Speaking programme. The aim is to teach the children the skills and techniques required to feel confident when speaking in front of a group of people. This is done through fun methods such as games and groupwork, with an initial focus on breathing techniques, building up to speaking and confidence skills. We are really enjoying these workshops!
Science Week 2023! This week we participated in some fantastic activities to celebrate Science Week. We took part in two online workshops given by a qualified zoologist on the topics of 'Everything You Know About Sharks is Wrong' & 'Animal Superpowers'. We attended a presentation on robotics and AI from STEAM Academy. Finally, we had great fun at the Science stations in the school hall on Friday, incorporating such areas as construction challenges, designing a tinfoil boat, exploring magnets & the human body and using a coding app on the school iPads. This will hopefully have whetted the appetites of our budding scientists, engineers and programmers!
Christmas Art!
Below are samples of the fantastic artwork produced by 4th Class for Winter & Christmas. Our corridor is looking very seasonal and festive, though let's hope the only snow we see is on our windows!
Dance PE Sessions!
Happy New Year everyone!
We have started 2024 on an energetic note by commencing dance classes with our professional instructor Alison. These classes are part of the Dance strand of PE. We are learning some modern dance moves with some elements of hip-hop at the moment. We're finding out how fit we are for certain in these sessions and we hope to have some great moves down during the term. Stay tuned!
Tag Rugby Sessions!
We have started our tag rugby lessons with Jonathan, a professional coach from Leinster Rugby.  Through drills and fun games, the children will learn the skills of passing, catching and teamwork, leading to mini-games of tag Rugby in the coming weeks. A spare pair of runners is recommended for the next several Thursdays in this winter weather. We may have some budding future Leinster players on our hands!
Science Fun!
Our most recent science experiment involved an investigation of surface tension of water and the effects on adhesion. By drawing on a plate or the surface of a spoon with a washable marker and gradually adding water, we could see our pictures start to float or swim! This involved trial & error, with some working better than others, but that's what science is all about. This is a fun one to try at home too!
Perfect Prints!
This week 4th Class were working on the strand of print in our art lessons. Using Styrofoam sheets, we designed and engraved our pictures. We then used rollers and primary paint colours to 'ink' our prints & add some colour. Finally, we pressed and waited to see our wonderful designs in printed form on the page! Some beautiful designs were made and the prints are very impressive!
Pancake Tuesday!
Today 4th Class helped Senior Infants to decorate their pancakes with a variety of delicious toppings. Afterwards we had our own Pancake Party with a huge variety of toppings, from lemon, sugar & honey to chocolate spread & marshmallows. Thank goodness it was yardtime afterwards so that we could run off all that extra energy!
Parachute Project!
As part of our Science unit on forces, we designed and made our own parachutes in class. The focus was on making sure our toy figure landed slowly and safely on the ground. We used plastic bags, string, tape, scissors and toy figures. We also changed the variables, such as height from the ground, the weight of the figure & how large the opening in the parachute was. We had a lot of fun with this experiment!
Law in the Classroom!
Over the past several weeks 4th Class have been taking part in a programme run in conjunction with the Law Department of UCD, titled 'Law in The Classroom'. Final year students Gráinne, Tomás and Sadhbh have been working with the class, imparting their knowledge of the law. We have been learning about the legal system in Ireland, the various roles involved in the courts & different types of criminal cases. This has been done using a fun, active approach. We are now working on a Mock Trial that will take place out on the UCD campus in the next couple of weeks, where the children will assume the various roles such as judge, juror, barrister, defendant, witness etc. and they will decide the outcome based on the evidence available. Stay tuned for future updates!
Paired Reading!
As part of Book Week 2024, 4th Class were paired with 2nd Class to read with the children. Our boys & girls did a fantastic job reading carefully, asking questions and checking understanding. Above all, we had fun engaging with reading books.  Well done to all!
World Book Day 2024!
Well done to all the boys and girls who made the effort to dress up as their favourite book character today, a fantastic experience for all of the class!
UCD Law in the Classroom: visit to UCD!
Today we paid a visit to the UCD School of Law to take part in the mock trial. All the children acted out their roles amazingly well and we had great fun in the process also. Hopefully the children are more aware of the wonderful opportunities available to them in their futures and they may begin to aspire to their dreams in the years ahead. Well done 4th Class!
Happy Easter! 
We had great fun on our Easter Egg Hunt today and would like to wish you a very Happy Easter!
Gruesome Gargoyles!
As part of the clay strand in Art, 4th Class looked at examples of gargoyles as used on old castles and church buildings. We then designed our own, and sculpted these from clay using our hands and clay tools. Finally, our sculptures were painted and glazed. While it may not be Hallowe'en, I'm sure you'll agree that our gargoyles are worthy of Notre Dame Cathedral!
Sports Day 2024!
Sports Day was a fantastic success this year. We had great fun at the stations in the morning, including penalty shoot-outs, races, egg & spoon race, tug-of-war and the three-legged race. In the afternoon we participated in team sports such as rounders, tag rugby, basketball and tennis. Even the rain couldn't dampen our spirits on the day and the sun did break through at times. Well done to all the boys and girls on super participation!
Tag Rugby Blitz!
4th Class had a great day at the Tag Rugby Blitz at Stillorgan-Rathfarnham Rugby Grounds. Thankfully the sun shone as we played 5 games in total during the tournament, winning 4 of our matches! Well done to all the boys and girls who participated for great sportsmanship and super teamwork!
4th Class went on our school tour to Squirrel Scramble in Kilruddery last Thursday. This amenity consists of high wires and zip lines, with activities such as team-building and archery also included. All the children are attached to safety harnesses at all times so that even if they slip, they are safe. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side as it poured rain for the duration, but although wet & cold, the children made the best of it and enjoyed the activities. That's the Irish Summer for you!