3rd Class 2023-24

Symmetry is where one half of a shape, object or picture matches the other like a reflection in a mirror. We see symmetry all around us.  We have had great fun in maths and art working on our own symmetrical designs. 
Funky Easter Bunnies
We enjoyed making Easter coloured backgrounds for some Easter Bunny Art this week.  We picked what we thought represented Easter and blended the colour. We drew patterns on our rabbits then and gave them glasses. We think they turned out brilliantly. 
The River Nile
Teamwork makes dream work!!! After much effort and hard work we can sit in our classroom and feel like we are sailing down the Nile all those years ago. What an achievement for 3rd Class. They have now completed their Tutankhmanun masks, research projects and group project on Ancient Egypt. Well done Rang 3.
World Book Day 2024
We can some fantastic looking book characters for World Book Day dress up this year. We enjoyed all the extra reading time we had this week as well as showing off our favourite books in art. We also enjoyed having the opportunity to read to some other classes in the school. 
King Tutankhmanun 
Small steps, big achievements!
It was great to finish our King Tut papier maché masks. We are absolutely thrilled with how they turned out. It was a long road but most enjoyable and we are delighted to be able to display all our hard work. 
Pancake Tuesday
Rang 3 really enjoyed their pancakes today.  We managed to multitask in class, getting work competed while happily munching on our pancakes. Plenty of smiles!
School Cake Sale
Well done to all the children and their families for the amazing cakes which were brought in for our cake sale. They looked amazing, they smelled devine and they tasted delicious. Thank you.
Futsal Blitz Versus Devine Word
We had a fantastic afternoon playing a futsal blitz against Devine Word in Ballinteer Community School Hall. We walked all the way there from Good Shepherd and back again. The weather was lovely, the form was great and the fun, craic and treats were certainly worth the hard work! Thanks Devine Word and we look forward to playing you again.
Grandparent’s Day
We were delighted to welcome the Grandparents of some of the children into the class for Grandparent’s day. It was really interesting listening to their stories. What a special day. We thought about all our Grandparents and shared photos and stories. Thank you for visiting us!
We have begun creating our very own Tutankhmanun faces in art class.  This project will take a few weeks but it will be worthwhile
Ancient Egypt 
We hit the ground running in 3rd class.  Got straight back into our dancing classes and have started to look at Ancient Egypt. We have some very exciting work ahead of us on this topic so stayed tuned for updates. 
Our local Gardaí brought Santa!
There was great excitement in the school when members of the Gardaí along with some from the Garda Band brought Christmas cheer to Good Shepherd. Santa also made an appearance. What a morning it was!
Christmas Reindeer
We really enjoyed ourselves creating our festive reindeers in art class.  We may have listen to some Christmas tunes to bring extra spirit to the classroom :-)
Dance with Sophie
The children in Sr. infants, 3rd Class and 5th Class finished their dancing class with Sophie after 6 fun weeks. They all had the chance to show off their work to each other and did very well.  They also had the opportunity to watch a professional dancer - Rocio Dominguez perform a contemporary solo piece which she created. It was a fantastic morning.
Stained Glass Art
We began getting some art together for Christmas and really enjoyed this lesson on Stained Glass Windows.  The results were fabulous. Have a look at the amazing work.
In November we remember
We took a little time to remember all those who have gone before us.  We kept them in our thoughts and prayers this month. 
Science Stations
Every class had the opportunity to go to the Halla today and spend time at difference science stations. There was a construction corner, the human body, how to boats float, iPad with coding, building bridges and magnets. Everyone really enjoyed it. 
STEAM Academy Robotics Workshop
What an amazing workshop.  We were so lucky to learn all about AI and NGP this morning. We got to check out a robotic dog in motion too. It was a very exciting morning. 
Science Week
We began science week with a webinar called Sharks: Everything you think you know is wrong with Dr. Nick Crumpton. All children from 3rd to 6th tuned in to this very fascinated session.  We learned many interesting things that we did not know about Sharks but mostly we learned how cool they are!
P.E. - Futsal
This week we started practicing some balls skills and learning about the game Futsal. It is a football based game played on hard ground using a smaller pitch and a slightly heavier ball. It helps develop skills and can be played indoors too. 
Mandala Art
The class enjoyed block painting with vegetables this week. We used food to make prints and patterns on our paper. 
Halloween Break
Midterm arrived today and what a day it was! The whole school got dressed up and had a fang-tastic time. There was assembly this morning which was very colourful with everyone showing off their outfits. The choir did an excellent job singing their Halloween song.  Every class enjoyed a disco throughout the day and got some delicious treats to get them through the day.  Well done everyone on getting to midterm! 
Oíche Shamhna Shona (agus sábháilte)!
Garda Niall paid us a visit today to remind us how to have a happy and safe Halloween. Thank you for coming to see us, we will be sure to keep safe when we are out and about. 
Sponsored Walk!
We were very lucky to get out ahead of the rain this morning for our sponsored walk. We went with 4th class and really enjoyed it. Míle buíochas to all who sponsored the children, your support is greatly appreciated. 
We are learning about fractions in maths at the minute.  We now know how a fraction is a piece or part of a whole. We saw how we use them every day to share things equally. We had great fun creating our own fractions charts. 
Forces at work
We learned about magnets, magnetism, magnetic force, and north and south poles. We saw how opposites attract (pull) and likes repel (push). We also had a look around the classroom to see what was magnetic and what was not.
October - Deireadh Fómhair
We have been keeping busy so far this month. We started our Accelerated Reading and the library has some nice new books. P.E. has been great fun, we are enjoying some fun games and playing Gaelic Football. On top of that, we still have two weeks left of gymnastics with Alberto.  Ms. Nolan has joined our class for a few weeks and she has some fang-tactic things lined up. Halloween is closing in and we still have our sponsored walk, maths week, not to mind dress-up day to go!  There will be some spooktactular times ahead!!
Accelerated Reading (AR)
Reading is the greatest gift we can give children. Rang 3 love their AR time. It is time during the day when they get to just read for a short while. When they finish their book, they take a quiz and then get to pick a new book from the library. The library has recently got some cool new books too, so it is very exciting.
We are still in full flight with gymnastics. Who knew Rang 3 had so many gymnasts?! The class can crawl like a seabed with all the crab poses. They also have been practicing walking backwards on the beam, round offs and tumbles. They are absolutely loving it and look forward to it every week. Check out all the happy faces!
We learned all about the human body and focused on how important our teeth are. We also looked at what they do and what can damage our teeth. We enjoyed an experiment where we looked at tooth decay and its effects on our teeth. We agreed to look after out pearly whites!
September - Méan Fómhair
Have a peek at some of our September work below. It was a very busy, action packed month. 
“Ice cream, Ice cream we all scream for ice cream!” In our class there is always room for fun and of course, ice cream.